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Seine Kongruangkit
Pronounced ‘Sane’
and yes, I’m pretty in sane.

Named after the river in Paris,
I was born and raised in a city where people spit into the river; Bangkok. After spending a few years in Denmark studying, I found my love for the western culture and finally based in Berlin.
I strive to use my creativity to solve problems and empower people, and that’s what has brought me into the advertising world. Here, most people know me as the “Spoiler Billboard Girl” until I do something better than that. Inspired by the combination of Scandinavian design and the Bangkok underground music scene, I make visual sound art in my free time.
Being surrounded by creative minds in and outside of my career keeps me motivated, and I enjoy every step of the process from coming up with creative ideas to bringing them to life visually.

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GUT, Miami
Creative Intern
July - September 2020

Dentsu, Dubai
Art Director
April - July 2020

Dentsu Columbus, Bangkok
Art Director
January - December 2018

Assistant Director
June - Novenber 2017

Grey, Bangkok
Creative Intern
January - March 2016


Miami Ad School Europe
Art Direction Portfolio Program
March 2019 - December 2020

Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok
2nd Class honours
B.A in Communication Design
May 2013 - June 2017

Aalborg University, Denmark
Major in Art and Technology
February 2016 - July 2016


Thai - Native
English - Professional proficiency
Danish - Elementary proficiency

Talent Agency


Wir sind uns*


The Drum Chip Shop Awards / Grand Prix
Netflix - The Spoiler Billboard

D&AD New blood /  Wood Pencil 

Connect 4 Climate - Drop The Joss

D&AD New Blood / Wood Pencil
Google Type HTMC - Hikikomori

MUSE Creative Awards / Gold
Netflix - The Spoiler Billboard

Applied Arts Award / Winner
Netflix - The Spoiler Billboard

Communication Arts Award / Winner
Netflix - The Spoiler Billboard

Creative Conscious Award / Winner
Connect4Climate - Drop The Joss

The Drum Chip Shop Awards / Chip
Netflix - The Spoiler Billboard

Summit Creative Awards / Silver
Connect4Climate - Drop The Joss

Summit Creative Awards / Bronze
Netflix - The Spoiler Billboard

Adstars / Crystal
Miller - Genuine Dance

Golden Award of Montreux / Finalist
Miller - Genuine Dance

Golden Award of Montreux / Finalist

Tentacles - The Invisible Museum

Adstars / Finalist
Connect 4 Climate - Drop The Joss

Creative Conscious Award / Commended
Tentacles - The Invisible Museum

New York Festivals / Shortlisted
Netflix - The Spoiler Billboard

Youngshits Awards / Shortlisted

Jai Alai - May 2020 Brief

New(s)comer best award / Finalist
Die Zeitungen - Heimat

London International Awards / Talent 

Choosen Talent - LIAisons

KKDay Creative Contest / Finalist

KKDay - OKExperience

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‘The Spoiler Billboard’ for Netflix
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